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About The Pilates Effect

The Pilates Effect is a fully equipped Pilates Studio dedicated to the overall well being of our clients. We are located in the heart of Arlington, minutes from downtown at the Shoppes at Brownstone Village, 2410 West Abram suite 112.

Our goal is to increase our clients quality of life and to develop all muscles, transforming their body to the fullest, achieving personal fitness goals and improving your everyday physical lifestyle. By only focusing on the superficial larger muscle groups, there are so many deep muscular stabilizers beneath not being developed or utilized.

By concentrating on these muscles using the Pilates principles, over time you will create stronger, leaner muscles, improving posture, increasing core strength, mobility and stability creating benefits you will see in your everyday life. Pilates is your answer to a healthier way of fitness and lifestyle!


You’ll work muscles you’ve never felt before to achieve a new level of fitness, combined with stretching to achieve their length, all in a safe and low impact environment.
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This full body workout is done with the assistance and resistance of weighted springs, thus requiring constant engagement of the core for muscle stabilization.
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Pilates is a controlled exercise using your body's resistance on the eccentric and concentric usage of muscles leading to the long, lean, toned results we are all seeking.
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